• Tuendelee Group: the Disciples of bulk selling

  • By JB Kahuma

    Tuendele is one of the groups KRC is working with in bid to improve incomes and nutritional and food security in Kyangwali Refugee Settlement. The group was formed in 2016 as a savings land lending association though it also offers labor to farmers -both refugees and nationals. This adds to their incomes.

    In January 2017 when KRC was encouraging farmers to bulk most members had already received loans from middlemen who had predetermined at 600shillings. The sister group to group Tuendele called Umuganda heed the advice and bulked 5092 kg of maize which they sold in May at 1550 shillings. This price was unheard of in this settlement.

    The success of Umuganda was a spring board since KRC was encouraging them to bulk and market collectively. The members took up the idea in good faith having seen the fruits of their counterparts in Umuganda

    Though the season was not the best and yields meager, the group took this as reason enough to bulk and attract a good price and reduce on the losses they were incurring. The members have currently bulked 7,892 kg of sorghum and they have turned down 2 buyers that have offered 750 and 900 shillings per kilogram respectively. They are waiting for the best price

    The group is grateful to KRC for continued support to the VSLA.

    Below: Asifiwe, the chairperson of the group standing by the group store that is holding 7,892 kg Sorghum

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