• CASE 2: The relationship between Health Centre and community

Title of Story Relationship between health Centre and community.
Name of storyteller Kasaija Josua
From Kidubuli Health Centre III
Occupation of story teller Community member
Sex Male
Period of change 2017
Date of recording 21st June 2017
Recorded by Kwesiga James

The story

I am a community member aged 39 years old; I live near Kidubuli Health center III. The staff at this health used to be so tough, rude and many times abuse patients who came to seek health services. Some community members started hating the health centre staff-and the health unit in general. Many resorted to local herbs and those who had money always went to the private clinics, which of course are expensive.

This begun to change when a member of staff from KRC came and mobilized the VHTs, community members and their chairpersons from villages of Kidubuli, Kyatambasi and Nsaho. Many community members came and we discussed the issues affecting us at the health centre. We discussed about staff conduct at our health centre. Another meeting was also organized where the health centre staff and a HUMC member was present and we discussed many issues which also included health centre staff conduct and limited drugs. We kept observing the conducts of HC staff towards patients changing positively.

As am now telling you this, when we discussed the issue of drugs the in-charge was investigated and found to be stealing drugs, he was arrested and taken away and now at least many times we find drugs at the Health centre and community members are so happy.

This story is significant to me because the action that community took brought positive change at the facility, drugs are there and also improved relationship between health center staff and community members.

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