• CASE STORIES: Improved shelter at our health centre

Name of story teller JEMIMAH MUTOORO
Occupation of story teller VHT CORDINATOR
Period of change 2007
Date of Recording 20TH MAY 2017
Recorded by Jack Nyakairu

My Name is Jemimmah Mutooro a VHT coordinator for Kibasi parish Hakibale sub-county. I get services from Kijura HC III which is near my home. I and other mothers who get services at Kijura health centre have always had a problem of shelter at our health centre. This affects patients mostly during ART days and also affects mothers who come for ANC Days. (These are the days when patients are many at the health centre) and Delivery at the health centre. There is no any there is no any shelter at the health centre where these patients can hide from the sun while waiting for services.

When we held our first community meeting with officer from KRC, we agreed to plant trees at the health centre to provide the shelter, but we did not plant the trees. I approached the health centre in-charge and he advised me on the type of trees to plant and where exactly to plant them. I got the tress the in-charge advised me to get and planted two of them.

However, during the slashing the health centre compounds, all our trees were cut in the process

image016When the KRC officials came back for another meeting, the community members felt so touched that the trees had been cut by a negligent person slashing the health centre compound. We decided to form a committee of 3 people who would work hand in hand with the health centre in-charge to see that new trees are planted and taken care of to avoid being destroyed.

We planted two other trees and we are taking effective care of them to see that they grow very well to provide the required shelter at the health centre. I and other community members are proud of these trees, for they are a sign of community responsibility at their health centre and we shall struggle to look after them and see that the shelter issue at the health centre is no longer a problem.

I thank the KRC team, especially Nyakairu Jack for having encouraged the spirit of community responsibility in us that has helped us to care about our health centre. I have even proposed to some of my community members that we name one of the treesJACK’S TREE andwe shall use the same spirit to look after other community properties in our area.


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