• Soil and water conservation at Centre stage, as KRC strives to increase production

By Kayiwa John

In a bid to promote resilient and productive family farms for increased production KRC under the Farmer Enterprise Development Unit, FEDU has intensified on farm trainings on soil and water conservation in Kasese and Kabarole Districts.

Soil and water conservation refers to the art and science of caring and managing the soil in such a way that it is retained in one place, moisture is maintained in the soil and water is used intelligently.

Soil conservation is the preventing of soil loss from erosion or reduced fertility caused by over usage, or other chemical soil contamination. Slash-and-burn and other unsustainable methods of subsistence farming

According to Agricultural experts, Soil and Water conservation practices are tools the farmer can use to prevent soil degradation and build organic matter and improving water management practices. These practices ensure that soil moisture is maintained in the soil, runoff velocity is checked and trapped, and sunshine and rain drop intensities are reduced before heating the soil.

Some of the practices to employ are; crop rotation, reduced tillage, mulching, cover cropping, contour planting, construction of water absorption channels and many.

KRC is implementing the principle trough trainings in construction of contour bands and water absorption channels. These two help reduce runoff velocity but also trap runoff which infiltrates in to the soil within the channel. Crops near the channel benefit from the trapped water through absorption by roots.

image011 image012Farmers digging the contour band Imperative to add, grass is planted along the water absorption channels and contour bands. The grass planted can be a source of fodder to livestock both for grazing, silage and hay making, protects groundwater in wellhead protection areas by reducing the need for fertilizers and by utilizing nutrients before they have a chance to leach into aquifers, enhances soil quality by reducing compaction and restoring depleted organic matter through root, Providing the soil cover that reduces on the intensity of sunshine growth, checking on the velocity of runoff and Improving soil structure by roots binding soil particles

image013 image014Water absorption channels with grass planted along

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