• Citizens demand for better health services in Karangura Sub County

By Habiyakare Ezra                                                

The civic education drive pioneered by KRC, has already begun paying dividends-as various community groups have begun demanding good governance and service delivery. This comes after a civic education training at group level in Karangura Sub County with a focus on good governance and service delivery. The participants were challenged to weigh-in on the service delivery levels –and how the had slowed down. There were a number of key issues that were raised during this meeting especially in the areas concerned with Nyakitokoli Health Center II.

After the training, the participants were able to highlight a number of issues that affected them in the sub county and these included; Absenteeism at Nyakitokoli Health Center II,Late coming in the same Health Center, Drug stock outs in the health Center ,Poor road net work within the sub county Lack of clean and safe water for consumption, and Long time of patients waiting at the health center


These and many other challenges were highlighted. It was however evident that the citizens prioritised issues of health, since most people had to move long distances to seek health services. This has left a big burden in terms of transport yet this would be money saved for investment in other development ventures in their households. They thus agreed that they were going to monitor the Health Center so as to come with concrete evidence about the challenges of absenteeism in the health center and once this is achieved then a letter would be written to the supervisor of this health Center about the conical absenteeism in the health center. A letter was written and the Nursing assistants were warned about absconding of duty with a justifiable reason. Two nursing officers Kabasinguzi Annet and Kemigisa Brendah were warned in writing by the supervisor of the Health Center.

The participants were able to petition the office of the District Health Officer since the issue was not yet solved. The DHO was invited to KRC FM for a radio talk show to discuss the state of health service in Kabarole district using a case of Nyakitokori HC. He committed to solving the issues of absenteeism in Nyakitokori by transferring the staff in that health center. All this is possible because of the community civic education at group levels where they are challenged about service delivery in their communities and also influence leadership decisions and service delivery.  

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