• Sensitization on condoms changed my attitude-Case story

Title of Story
  • Sensitization on condoms changed my attitude
Name of storyteller Simbwa John Bosco  
From Kitenga HCIII  
Occupation of story teller Peasant  
Sex Male  
Period of change 2015  
Date of recording 18/4/2016  
Recorded by Masika Sedress Kalengyo    

The story

Being seen holding a condom was attributed to sexual actions and therefore regarding one as a sexual addict which made me personally shy away from accessing them publically. I would buy them from drug shops and used different names for them as “sweet wakavera” or “Akasambisa omupira”. I spent money on a rather free service yet i would have  accessed it at no cost from government health centers, because of public misconceptions and the stigma associated with it

Changing my life, was an experience that came along in 2015 when some of our VHTs sensitized the Boda Boda riders where I happened to have been present. Sensitization was on where and how to access and use condoms. I picked interest in the message and attended actively by asking questions. We were told that condoms were free of charge at the Health Centre; the next day I visited the facility and by chance I met one of the VHTs who had given us the information the previous day. He served me the condoms.  Since then I no longer spend money and because of sensitization which has been done routinely. This has helped me to change the attitude of the people towards condoms thus making it easy for me to freely access the service.

This story is significant to me because I have been able to save money and enjoy service delivery at my Health Centre with ease.

This change is attributed to the sensitization that has been routinely conducted by our VHTs and Health workers.



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