• Peace Committee in Busaru initiate local solutions to prevailing tensions-Bundibugyo District

By Mugarra David

Busaru Sub County has been one of the conflict hot-spots in Bundibugyo District in the post –election era. Several houses have been burnt down in Kirindi and other places. The people of Kirindi have been in fear and suspicion of one another since the highly acrimonious general election in 2016. There has been a blame game between the Bamba and Bakonzo with each accusing the other as the cause of the problem.

A community member making a contribution during an under the tree dialogue in Busaru

A community member making a contribution during an under the tree dialogue in Busaru

In July 2016, KRC organised an under the tree dialogue and a number of community engagements which involved the sub county leaders and community members to discuss on the sustainable local solutions that can be practiced in the sub county. These engagements had a lot of verbal exchanges especially among the elders from the two tribes. KRC passed on the message of co-existence, tolerance and harmonious living.

After this heated up debate and discussion, the community members agreed to select a six member team that comprised of a mixture of the Bamba and the Bakonzo to take on the mantle of leading the reconciliation processes in the sub county. This committee was tasked by the members to conduct community reconciliation meetings especially in the worst hit areas of Busengerwa and Kirindi villages. During the recent attacks and insurgency in Kasese District in the month of November, the team realised that there were tensions fuelling in the sub county, they quickly gathered and made a plan to reach to the different villages telling people to remain calm and the dangers of conflict.

This was the first community initiative to build confidence in the community since many of the community confidence building engagements have been spearheaded by the police and the civil society organizations.  These engagements have been talked about by the leaders in the sub county as the best community initiatives that have contributed to the prevailing peace situation in the sub county. The LC III C/P Busaru had ths to say “the peace team that was initiated has done us a recommendable job. They always tell me that they have gone to the villages to talk peace and this is one of the reasons why you have not heard of any conflict after what happened in Kasese and Kabarole” said the sub county Chairperson of Bubukwanga.

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