• Bubukwanga sub county gets secondary school after 24 years of struggle

Recorded By: Kabajogya Alice

Story Teller: Onesimus Kagwa

Domain: Education

Date: 31st January 2017

We the residents of Bubukwanga sub county in Bundibugyo district had been craving to get  a secondary school in our sub county way back in 1993, in the same year residents collected money to started their own private secondary school called Bubukwanga secondary school which was meant to help the increasing number pupils who were finishing primary level and then drop out of school.  The school started from Bubukwanga Primary School –in the same premises that accommodated both primary and secondary. This easily helped pupils who completed primary level to join secondary easily. 

Citizens asking questions during a community meeting. Such meetings have helped communities become civically competent and demand for better services from government

Citizens asking questions during a community meeting. Such meetings have helped communities become civically competent and demand for better services from government

In 2006, the school was taken up by government of Uganda that promised to upgrade it and make it a modern secondary school with six structures including 8 class rooms’ blocks, 1 administration block, multipurpose laboratory, staff quarters and latrines for teacher’s pupils and students.

In 2010, the government of Uganda under the ministry of finance released 700 million for the construction of the same and the contract was taken by KAMUA Company. The construction went on only for four blocks and when the construction reached the window seal, the construction stopped under the complaint of the contractor that he had received little funds from government to accomplish his work. Three years elapsed when there was no construction and the contractor was sued in courts of law and court put an injunction on the construction of the secondary school. The injunction process took 1 year and this reduced the numbers of students in the school since they were sharing classes with primary pupils that brought congestion and poor performance in the school.

In 2013, KRC with funds from DGF Civic Education started awareness and provision of information and learning experience to equip and empower residents of  Bubukwanga Sub County could  empower  residents to participate in their own community issues and also give them a  platform to talk about key pressing issues in service delivery focusing on key thematic areas of education, health and agriculture. During the parish meetings the Community Processes Facilitator and the change agents from the 3 parishes of Mapongya, Bubukwanga and Hyuma continues to talk about issues of leadership and service delivery. This created and raised citizen’s knowledge in knowing their rights and responsibilities and they also started demanding for better service delivery from their leader.

In one of the rallies at the sub county headquarters in 2015, KRC invited technical and political leadership and the secondary school was one of the key issues raised. The leaders were asked to give it attention. A petition to support the secondary school was made by reverend Tibamwenda smith a change agent in the same sub county together with other change agents. The petition was signed by over 100 residents who attended the rally and through the then Chairperson LC5 Bundibugyo District, Mr. Tibemanya Jolly handed over the people’s petition to the Hon.   Kamanada  Batalingaya who was then a state  minister in the Ministry of Education and Sports. 

Hon Kamanda Bataringaya, upon receiving the petition, came supervised the secondary school and pledged to present the petition to education ministry so that the school is considered in the budget of 2015/2016. In the financial year 2015/2016 600m was received, construction resumed. 

Four blocks have since been constructed, including the administration block, multipurpose laboratory and enrolment at 591 students. 

The story is significant because through collective voices of the citizens and leaders, Bubukwanga secondary school was reconstructed.

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