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People power critical for tackling climate change

January 23, 2013 Hannah Reid, Source: IIED As understanding of the severity of climate change rises, it’s increasingly clear that a negotiated global agreement on climate change is not enough – civil society has a central role to play too. Protestors marching during the UN Climate Talks in Copenhagen. The mobilization of civil society in the South around this time ... Read More »

Citizen engagements

February 12, 2013 Working innovatively with the regional leadership and the Think Tank to foster conditions for growth in the region Read More »

Uganda coffee January exports up 54 percent

February 15, 2013 Publish Date: Feb 14, 2013 Uganda’s coffee exports rose 54 percent year-on-year in January to 348,152 60-kg bags on favourable weather and improved transport, the state-run Uganda Coffee Development Authority said on Thursday. “The weather in January was largely dry and that helped in two ways: faster drying of the coffee beans and also smooth transportation from ... Read More »

KRC and BD promote mobile cinema as an information resource for rural communities

December 15, 2012 Karabole Research and Resource Centre (KRC) with financial support of BD launched an ambitious initiative. It uses cinema to disseminate information in the communities. The initiative was created in response to the increasing demand of the communities to be simple and affordable channels timely access to relevant information. It may be film screenings, radio broadcasts, dialogues and drama. KRC ... Read More »

Arabica coffee prices drop, value falls

January 14, 2013 Arabica coffee farmers may find it hard to put bread on their tables and cater for other social amenities because the commodity’s price has dropped. Records from Uganda Coffee Development Authority for November — the second month on the coffee calendar — how that 59,084 bags of arabica were exported. “Out of this, the country realised $9.04 ... Read More »

Using art to communicate climate change

January 15, 2013 With climate becoming a big phenomenal problem world over, mitigations to curb it by all means have come up. The latest in Kabarole District is the use of art work to communicate the messages to the communities. During the Fort Portal Annual Street Art exhibition organised by Kabarole Research and Resource Center (KRC) in Fort Portal Town ... Read More »

Face the Citizens spreads Across Kabarole

October 5, 2012 The anxious faces could have passed for curious citizens waiting for yet another politician to come address them, promise them salt, tea –and they sing and ululate to his good health; but no, and not. This was the mood in all the citizens’ rallies that have so far taken place. The one at Kicwamba did not only ... Read More »

Facilitating Rural Transformation through Dialogues

October 16, 2012 KRC’s work through information centres did not go unnoticed. During the recent community education dialogue in Kyarusozi, our slogan, “People Power, People Action” became a living testimony. With the aim of improving participation of farming households in their own governance processes, KRC financially and technically supported Kyarusozi Information Centre to conduct a community education dialogue with the ... Read More »

What is killing Uganda’s agricultural sector

October 17, 2012 Medius Bihunirwa, the head of the farmer enterprise development unit at Kabarole Research and Resource Centre (KRC) advises that farmers, can benefit more from the markets if they are organized into formal groups such as associations. This, she argues, gives them collective bargaining power, guarding against low prices. Gender agriculture, argues Bihunirwa, should be integrated into farming ... Read More »

Enguli Construction in Bundibugyo

September 22, 2012 KRC takes Food Security Campaign to Bundibugyo. Enguli Construction at the district graced by the newly appointed Minister for Culture and Social Mobilisation in the Bamba/Babwisi Cultural Institution known as Budingiya. Read More »

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