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Toro Cultural Research and Development (TCRD) a.k.a Akasindikaine Recieves a food security campaign accolade

August 9, 2013 By Caroline Namara. It’s a Friday afternoon, the weather is appealing and everyone at Kabarole Resource and Research Centre (KRC) is in a jovial mood as Tooro Cultural Research and Development (TRCD)/Akasindikaine get ready to receive the much anticipated accolade for their efforts towards the Food Security campaign in the Rwenzori region through their famous Kyagwa Mwoha ... Read More »

KULE Charles: The budding Mitandi coffee farmer

April 18, 2013 He cuddles his dog –with close-knit affection and fondness.  He is quick to assure us that it is his best friend and permanent companion, as he goes around supervising his numerous assets and enterprises. Meet Kule Charles, the tenacious 60 year old coffee farmer from Mitandi, Kabarole District-who has turned the misfortune of running from his home ... Read More »

Pollution: A big untackled problem in Human life today

April 17, 2013 For  quite a long period of time, our societies have paid lip service to the issue of pollution and it upshots both on individual and society levels. Pollution takes place  almost everywhere on the sides of the earth and undeniably environmental pollution has become one of the greatest menace to the human race. It entails adding impurity ... Read More »

From Despair to hope: Homeless Monday defies odds to flourish in trade

April 18, 2013 He was considered an outcast. Shunned and scorned by all and sundry-and equally rebuked by ‘well-off’ neighbors every time he crossed their path. They called him a failure –and a non starter that nobody wanted to associate with. “Having nothing to your name”, is Monday’s plain definition of poverty. He says this politely, to describe his past ... Read More »

KRC, BD Use radio drama to promote Food security

April 18, 2013 When KRC, with financial support from their development partners, Broederlijk Delen (BD) started the journey to advocate for food security in the Rwenzori region using the radio drama series, little did they know that the initiative would immediately attract attention from thousands of people –and ostensibly re-ignite the debate over the construction of granaries. The radio drama ... Read More »

Auditor General queries sh40b banana project

February 15, 2013 Publish Date: Feb 15, 2013, By Moses Walubiri The sh40b so far spent on the Presidential Initiative on Banana Industrial Development (BIPID) might turn out to be “a waste to the tax payers” if nothing is done to refocus the project, the Auditor General has warned. In his value for money audit for the financial year ending ... Read More »

Practical Education: The answer to Uganda’s Educational confronts

April 17, 2013 In latest years, a number of changes have been implemented to redress some inequities that still thrive in Uganda, predominantly in the education system where vocational and technical education has not been given apposite support and recognition. For a remarkable period of time the debate about the Ugandan education and how suitable it is to suit the ... Read More »

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