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River Nyamwamba Surges Again

May 12, 2014 Yet again river Nyamwamba has burst its banks bringing business to a stand still in Kilembe town. The residents have been taken back to gruesome memories of a similar incident that happened in May 2013, when the hospital, bridges, the road network and houses were swept away and human life lost. In what is known to be ... Read More »

Sharing Oil and Gas Information, Influencing Policy at District Level

June 12, 2014 Whereas the district council speakers are routinely per-occupied with the business of the council, ensuring that procedures of debates are observed and deliberating on matters of development in their districts, in most cases they have missed out on oil and gas sector discussions. These observations were made in the two oil and gas sector orientations that KRC ... Read More »

CSOs slam Public Finance Bill, call for reduction of Minister’s powers

June 12, 2013 Civil Society organizations and a cross section of leaders in the Rwenzori Region have criticized the new Public Finance Bill being debated in Parliament. The Bill, seeks to inter alia grant special powers to the minister to appropriate by supplementary budget money from the special fund –without express permission of parliament This was revealed during a high ... Read More »

Toro Cultural Research and Development (TCRD) a.k.a Akasindikaine Recieves a food security campaign accolade

August 9, 2013 By Caroline Namara. It’s a Friday afternoon, the weather is appealing and everyone at Kabarole Resource and Research Centre (KRC) is in a jovial mood as Tooro Cultural Research and Development (TRCD)/Akasindikaine get ready to receive the much anticipated accolade for their efforts towards the Food Security campaign in the Rwenzori region through their famous Kyagwa Mwoha ... Read More »

KULE Charles: The budding Mitandi coffee farmer

April 18, 2013 He cuddles his dog –with close-knit affection and fondness.  He is quick to assure us that it is his best friend and permanent companion, as he goes around supervising his numerous assets and enterprises. Meet Kule Charles, the tenacious 60 year old coffee farmer from Mitandi, Kabarole District-who has turned the misfortune of running from his home ... Read More »

Pollution: A big untackled problem in Human life today

April 17, 2013 For  quite a long period of time, our societies have paid lip service to the issue of pollution and it upshots both on individual and society levels. Pollution takes place  almost everywhere on the sides of the earth and undeniably environmental pollution has become one of the greatest menace to the human race. It entails adding impurity ... Read More »

From Despair to hope: Homeless Monday defies odds to flourish in trade

April 18, 2013 He was considered an outcast. Shunned and scorned by all and sundry-and equally rebuked by ‘well-off’ neighbors every time he crossed their path. They called him a failure –and a non starter that nobody wanted to associate with. “Having nothing to your name”, is Monday’s plain definition of poverty. He says this politely, to describe his past ... Read More »

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