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Promises not kept; Electorates in Kicwamba demand for better service delivery

August 12, 2014 The legendary Tinfayo story continues to stimulate debate and rethinking across a wide section of the electorates in the Rwenzori region. The story raises key reflection questions of “who is Uganda’s problem?” Is it the citizens or the leaders? These questions are intended to heighten citizen and leadership consciousness and action towards their civic roles and responsibilities ... Read More »

Insights into the discourse on shadowy Yira State as a potential source of Conflict in the Rwenzori Region

August 15, 2014 Just in the wake of the viscous massacre of innocent people in Kasese District, and attacks on security installations in Bundibugyo and Ntoroko Districts on the 5th July 2014 that left scores of youth militia and security personnel dead, propaganda was building in Kasese where information flyers were purportedly circulated to flag a United Nations due process ... Read More »

Busaiga SACCO facilitates smallholder producers to access rural microfinance services

August 19, 2014 The case of Busaiga SACCO is evident that in a rural farming community at the periphery of social services, a small farmer movement can transform into a highly valuable, self-reliant microfinance intermediary offering carefully designed micro-savings and non-targeted loans to low-income people at more affordable rates of interests. Officially registered on the 25th February 2003, Busaiga SACCO ... Read More »

Banana Farmers in Kasenda move higher the chain of Banana Value Addition

August 8, 2014 One stuck scenario of delayed rural transformation is that of farmers on small-farm-holdings remaining on the margins of agriculture value chains as producers. This largely explains why these farmers have continued to fetch marginal returns from agriculture. The banana farmers in Kasenda present a success story of KRC’s farmer enterprise development work that in part, seeks to ... Read More »

Farmers in Kyarusozi adopt animal traction to increase agriculture production

August 8, 2014 Animal traction on smallholder farms has until lately been a trade of smallholder farms in the Eastern and Northern parts of Uganda. On the other hand, the hand-hoe remains the most important farm tool available to smallholder farmers in the Rwenzori region. Though an important farm tool, the hand hoe is remarkably associated with low production levels ... Read More »

Renewed Commitment to Conserve the Mpanga River Catchment Area

August 8, 2014 The Mpanga River Catchment Consortium (MRCC) is a concerted approach to conserve the water and forest resources lying within the Mpanga River Catchment area. Whereas the conservation of the Mpanga River Catchment is particular in focus, it’s important to note that it contributes to a broader goal of conserving the Greater Nile Water Basin where River Mpanga ... Read More »

Renewed hope for peaceful co-existence in the Rwenzori Region

June 12, 2014 Ethnic tensions of the past, historical imperialistic injustices, growing agitation for cultural self-determination and scramble for resources have all tainted the Rwenzori as a conflict prone and peace fragile region. The contextual analysis of the conflicts in the Rwenzori region (Stuck in the Mist) and the Kasunga VI Peace Dialogue conducted in 2012 started the journey of ... Read More »

What can you do to benefit gainfully from your vote?

June 12, 2014 Kihuura farmers learn how useful their vote counts Tinfayo should not have neglected his farm-and in any way if he continued to get unexpected and miserable returns. As a farm owner he holds the capacity to cancel the contract of his farm manager, Magezi. He should determine what and how he wants to be served. This was ... Read More »

Learning from change

June 12, 2014 3 cases of progressive adoption to Lorena energy saving cooking stove technology by rural communities in Bundibugyo A study conducted in 2013 on the viability of Lorena Stoves in Kabarole District by KRC found out that a household saves 5 pieces of wood equivalent to 4 trees at the age of 5 years per month. This scientific ... Read More »

New Job Vacancies

March 6, 2014 Announcement KABAROLE RESEARCH & RESOURCE CENTER (KRC), a research and development organization operating in the Rwenzori Region of Western Uganda announces 7 job vacancies (6) Accountability Officers  …Job Description (1) Research & Documentation Specialized Officer  …Job Description Applications MUST reach Kabarole Research & Resource Centre (KRC) office by close of business (5:00 pm) on the 14th day ... Read More »

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