• People power, people Action: Citizens Petition Government over Ancestral Land

KRC recently established a number of Citizens led Land Alliances in the districts of Kasese, Kyenjojo and Bundibugyo to spearhead campaigns on Land related conflicts. These alliances were also to engage government on key resolutions in the “Melting Pot Report.” Leaders of these alliances were taken through the ADR mechanism and a well packaged training in Basic Land Laws and Regulations.

 image028 image029Left:Meeting of Matongo Community at Hakitengya P/S-Bundibugyo

The establishment of these alliances coincided well with the Establishment of a Commission of Inquiry into Land Matters by the government of Uganda. This posed an opportunity for the alliances to effectively engage with a responsible power centre. The trainings were later followed with segmented consultative meetings with the alliances that aimed at kick-starting a process of documenting key land issues across the districts. In Bundibugyo it was revealed that a specific community had been evicted from their ancestral land by the colonial government following a breakout of sleeping sickness between 1920 and 1971. Residents claim that they originally occupied Matonga Land which is found in Tooro Semuliki National Park stretching to the DRC from Saira Stream 7 miles on the Bundibugyo Fort Portal Road dawn to Semuliki National Park. Later the people reoccupied their land, in 1983 they were again evicted by the Obote government where President Miltion Obote then declared that piece of Land a Forest Reserve. At this point the residents were totally displaced up to present.

During interfaces with these land alliances and the residents of Matonga, the members of the alliance have successfully led a petition to recover this Land. Copies of the petition have been submitted to the Justice Bamugyemereire Land Commission, the President of the Republic of Uganda and the Colonial Government-British High Commission awaiting response.

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