• KRC interventions in climate change mitigation and adaptations;

KRC for over 20 years, have been engaged in abid to extend climate change mitigation and adaptation tchnologies to different beneficiaries and stakeholderes within Rwenzori region and Bunyoro region. KRC has promoted resilience farming through promoting soil and water conservation technologies, soil feeding and water harvesting technologies among farming communities.KRC among other technologies has promoted micro irrigation technologies, househlond and institutional energy saving cook stoves as climate change adaptation and mitigation technologies.

In 2018, KRC has constructed 11 institutional energy saving cook stoves in Kabarole District. this is a bulid up on other 7 stoves that were constructed while marking KRC @20. The stoves are wll drastically reduce fuel wood consumption by atleast 40%. On the other hand, KRC urged and requested the benefited institutions to enrol poor students on the fedding program and offer female necessitaties like sanitary pads to female students from savings made by the stoves.

image024 image025

Photo1; micro irrigation suported by KRC     photo2; lauching of energy saving cook stoves by Gerrit-BD country manager

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  1. We appreciate KRC efforts to promote clean energy and save trees through the institutional Energy Cook stoves.
    It is my prayer for KRC ato continue the advocacy and partner with the District Local governments to institutionalize these efforts. If all schools had energy saving cook-stoves, we would save millions of trees.

    Thanks for implementing SDG 7 affordable and clean energy; 13(Climate Action and 15 (Life on Land). Kudos!
    Harriet K.M

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