• KRC in mobile nutritional clinics galore, delivers health talks

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In a bid to improve nutritional Food security in Kabarole District KRC through its Food Security and Agribusiness Unit is organising several mobile nutritional clinics. The clinics are meant to sensitise communities on best food diets necessary for body building and diseases related to diets. In the month of June 3 nutrition clinics were organised and targeted hundreds of hundreds of people in Mugusu, Rwihamba and Kyakagusa markets.

KRC organised the clinics in partnership with Fort Portal Regional Referral Hospital. The services included; free nutritional health talks, measurement for body mass index, tests for diabetes, high blood pressure and other health diets related services

The service attracted many people in the three markets under different age groups. A total of 457 participants turned up for the services. Of these; 53 participants had their pressure high, 17 were diabetic, and 16 participants were under weight. 64 participants were overweight and of these 35 were already obese.

A total of 41 participants were found in critical conditions and these were immediately referred to health facilities for immediate medical attention. This was mainly among the participants in Kyaakagusa market whose number of patients was high at 130 people. Among these high blood pressure, 9 were diabetic and 27 people were in critical conditions and referred immediately.

measurement for height

measurement for height

Testing pressure

Testing pressure

Among the extreme cases were 45 year participants who had only 40.9 kilograms. This is severe malnutrition and a 45 year old participants from Busaiga who had107.4 kilograms- a case of obesity .

Generally females showed a lot of enthusiasm for the services where 267 participants were females from the total attendance of 457.

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