• KRC an epitome of Knowledge- Fr Dr.Kabura

By Joseph Mugisa

Dr. Father Kabura

Dr. Father Kabura

Dr Fr. Pascal Kabura has described the Kabarole Research and Resource Centre (KRC) as the centre of knowledge, training centre for the young employees and architect in unifying people of different ethnic groups in the Rwenzori Region.

 Fr Kabura a known academician and religious leader said that without KRC he wonders where the region would have been and therefore extends his accolades to the founders of the organization.

During an interview with him at his office, Kabura said he knows KRC as a down to earth organization that has done a lot of grass root works, social education, economic development, advocacy work, gender emancipation and made true the adage “East west home is best”.

He said before KRC many people used to think that to service and do better things one had to move to Kampala, a thinking that KRC helped to change and as a results many young people concentrated on working from the region hence the tangible development seen all over. This as he puts it has in a way solved the problem of urban rural migration.

He hails Late Fr Albert Byarunga and Hon. Alex Ruhunda whom he says did a lot in founding it and all its achievements are bestowed on them.

“Am happy KRC is here and I have directly and indirectly been with the management of the organization since its inception. I got involved in a series of discussions and consultation when the organization was first being planned,” Fr Kabura said.

That some of the activities he has been involved in include researches, documentation, facilitating workshops organized by KRC, capacity building for the staff and speaking at different conventions organized by the organization.

He commended KRC for its contribution in making Tooro Elders Forum (Isaazi ly’Abantu Bakuru ba Toro) a success as it (KRC) has acted as an address and helped a lot in secretarial and accounts works.

“KRC has done tremendous work in those twenty years and a lot is still hoped,” he said

In the area of education, Kabura said that KRC has contributed a lot of civic education, employment creation, helped many young people pick interest in political affairs and agriculture through KRC FM radio station.

He (Kabura) also hailed KRC for its dream of the several Kasungas which have influenced many people who have since come up with creative ideas and has helped people of different ethnic groups to come together and talk about matters of mutual interest.

According to Fr Kabura, KRC should be commended for its involvement in conflict resolution, participating in the establishment of education centres like Mountains of the Moon University, NGOs and CBOs.

He therefore said the organization has all the reasons to celebrate the 20 years of countless services as the celebrations will help it (KRC) be more visible, relevant and reliable.

He said the celebrations with help the organization to rethink, repackage and modify for the better.

For the remaining work he said all what KRC has to do is to read the signs of the times, to look at people’s present needs or stop, stand and pose and ask a question like (what next?).

Since the spiritual world is not different from the material one, Fr Kabura has said by contributing to social chance, KRC also contributed spiritually.

“I congratulate KRC for their 20 years of service in the region and am proud to be part of them in any way I look forward for more collaboration. I promise to continue being at their service whenever I can,” Fr Kabura said, before concluding

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  1. Fr. Fabius K. Bainakanaams

    Dear KRC,
    I am in Sydney visiting. I got a shock when visiting on simple research, a Jesuit founded school – St. Ignatius’ College, Riverview – to understand that a senior four student on Australia is far better tuned in the system of education than our university graduates. As KRC researchers, would you, please, sent some members of your staff. You could then intervene and help our “consumer parliamentalians” and ‘others’ to set an well an education system that will benefit out country. Thank you.

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