• Food and nutrition stakeholders dialogue meeting in Bunyangabu District

By our Reporter

Kabarole Research and Resource Centre in partnership with Bunyangabu District local government, recently organized a one day dialogue meeting on food and nutrition status in the district.

Group photo during the dialogue meeting

Group photo during the dialogue meeting

The main Objective was to analyze and reflect on the nutrition situation in Bunyangabu district, Identify and map key nutrition drivers and opportunities to inform joint interventions in the District.

The meeting yielded various key actions and commitments from different stakeholders. The dialogue meeting was attended by 5 categories of stakeholders, who included inter alia; Political leaders, media representatives, Farmer leaders/CPFS, District technical team and school leaders,making a total of 116 participants.

Each stakeholder’s representatives pledged different commitments on food and nutrition among which were; School leaders committed to conduct massive sensitization to scholars and parents and integrate food and nutrition in their teaching programs, Political leaders pledged maximum mobilization and sensitization of masses on food and nutrition issues, the media pledged to document and publish stories of stakeholders who don’t follow good nutrition guidelines especially those who sale good food to purchase chapatti and alcohol, the farmer leaders committed to always lead by example in their respective farmer groups on promoting good nutrition and the technocrats summed it up by committing to incorporate food and nutrition in their budgets for different departments and at both sub county and district level.

During the dialogue, training in food and nutrition was conducted. Relationship between nutrition and disease was also discussed. This was intended to give a background to stakeholders on which to analyze and reflect on nutrition situation in Bunyangabu District.

image013 image014Photo 1, KRC’S Medius Bihunirwa training on nutrition. Photo 2, A nutritionist relating disease to poor diets

Following the two presentations, participants were now ready to reflect on the nutrition status in the districts, they went into groups from which commitments were made. The commitments included; sensitizing all the stakeholders at school, communities and all gathering. They also Committed to work with each other in integrating nutrition program farmers Associations/cooperatives. The District technical teams, mainly CBS and CAO’S office also committed to integrate nutritional programs in the work plans.

The Resident District Commissioner for Bunyangabu District, Mr.Sadiki Bakale thanked the speaker and the members of KRC for such a great initiative and pledged the central government support

image016 image017 Photo 1, farmer leaders discussing,

Photo2, RDC giving closing remarks

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